At its meeting on August 4, the Campbell County Board of Supervisors heard a proposal from B2X, a technology firm, to expand the county’s WiFi capabilities using CARES Act funding.

The project is estimated to cost $1.5 million. CARES Act funding must be used by the end of 2020.

The board of supervisors voted to approve the project, and will be working with B2X CEO Warren Kane.

“We are trying to work with the offer to put a program in place that can have service up and running within that time frame,” Rogers said.

In addition to considering an expansion of wireless service, the county is also looking at expanding cable internet services.

The board of supervisors has already approved an expansion of Shentel service in the New Chapel area and is considering expanding Shentel service further in other areas, and has also approved an engineering study to be conducted by Riverstreet Networks that will look at home fiber networks.

“In a county the size of Campbell, with the variable topography, and the variations in population density, we’re probably going to need a mixed approach to how we get internet countywide,” Rogers said.

The county has also received $1 million in CARES Act funding to cover county costs incurred as a result of the pandemic, which includes the cost of PPE purchased by the county, and another $1 million from the act for business assistance.