fur kidz

Fur Kidz offers grooming services for dogs of all ages.

The popular Rivermont pet-grooming salon, Fur Kidz Pet Boutique, is opening a second location at 1064 Village Highway in Rustburg. Owner Amy Cobb originally opened the business with her mother 12 years ago, with a strong focus on keeping pets and their parents happy and comfortable during the grooming process. After her mother retired, Cobb continued working and hired Somer Brashear.

“Somer has been my apprentice about 2 years, and it was pretty much about time for her to set up on her own,” Cobb said.

Brashear will be managing the new Rustburg branch.

“We’re just really excited to get to know the Rustburg community. We already have friends and customers from this area,” Brashear said.

Cobb and Brashear’s original goal was to open on August 3. Because necessary supplies have been delayed due to COVID-19, they now plan to open the store in mid- to late August.

Cobb said their business stands out from bigger chain groomers because, of their relationship to their customers.

“It’s more of a one on one experience,” Cobb said. “We don’t cage, so there is never a large amount of dogs at any time, and it’s quieter.”

Cobb said they also try to provide a safer experience by being extra careful during the grooming process.

“We do everything by hand, grooming, hair drying, we don’t cage dry, and we never take more than 2 hours,” Cobb said.

Currently, the store in Rustburg will focus on grooming, but have a small amount of retail items.

“We also have a puppy package that gets them used to the noise and vibration of the clippers, and get used to us. It makes it fun for them, and it introduces them to grooming,” Cobb said.

The puppy package costs $20 per visit. The package is for puppies under five weeks old, and can only be purchased for a dog’s first three visits. It lasts about an hour each time and includes basic trim work, baths, blowouts and nail trimming.

“We want to make it as fun and comfortable as possible,” Cobb said.

Cobb and Brashear are also supporters of the Lynchburg Humane Society and are planning to partner with the animal group, Friends of Campbell County, to offer a weekly grooming for an animal waiting for adoption, and are donating $1,000 to the animal rescue group.

Initially, the new Boutique will be open Mondays, Tuesdays and every other Saturday until further notice. Cobb and Brashear are currently going back and forth between locations, but are open to take appointments. There is a price list on the website furkidz.biz, along with information on their Facebook Page Fur Kidz Pet Boutique. Appointments can also be made by phone at 434-846-3877.