Brookneal Town Hall, foreground, at 215 Main St., will be the location of a 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11 public hearing on changing the town ordinance to allow for a later deadline on filing business licenses. The hearing was set at last month’s town council meeting. (Photo by Don Richeson.)




BROOKNEAL — The Town of Brookneal is considering a change to its code that will make it more business friendly. Town officials are looking at giving businesses an extra month to file their business licenses and have scheduled a public hearing for residents to sound off on the matter.

“Businesses here in town mentioned at one of our council meetings that some of our businesses, since we have a filing deadline of Feb. 1 to get your business license in to the town, some of the concern by the business community is that the year just ended and they may not have been able to get all their gross receipts and their sales together to present that information to the town office,” Town Manager Russell Thurston told council members at their regular monthly meeting last month.

“So (Town Clerk-Treasurer Bobbie Waller) and I talked about how we could push it back and not compromise the revenue stream, because that does make up a big part of the town’s funds,” Thurston added. “So she proposed that we move it back to March 1 — I think that would be well-received by the business community. I think it’s a gesture that shows council is listening to something that came from the business community and give them some extra time to get their accounts together, plus it pushes back the penalty for late filing another 30 days to April 1.”

Most council members at the Jan. 14 meeting seemed to agree with the town manager and Councilor Mark Wilkes made a motion, seconded by Councilor Joseph David, to pursue moving the Brookneal business license deadline from Feb. 1 to March 1. It passed unanimously.

The change would require amending town’s code, which involves first having a public hearing for residents to speak out on the proposed change. The council scheduled the hearing for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11 at Brookneal Town Hall at 215 Main St. A copy of the exact proposed change is available at the town hall.

The cost of a Brookneal business license is determined by gross receipts and business classification. The minimum amount is $30. 

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