*130th Basic Session of Troopers Make History Next Week*

As the Virginia State Police continues its efforts to close

the gap on sworn vacancies within its ranks, a special recruitment campaign

kicks off Friday, March 15, 2019, in theaters in five states. A new 30-second

Virginia State Police promotional video


will play on movie screens in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and

West Virginia through Aug. 1, 2019.

On March 20, 2019, the Virginia State Police welcomes its 130th generation

of new troopers to its Academy. This is the first class in the Department’s

history that has hired applicants to particular vacancies within the field

divisions. Traditionally, trooper-trainees would not find out their first

patrol assignments until mid-way through their Academy training.

“What may seem like a simple change in process is really a seismic shift

for the Virginia State Police,” said Colonel Gary T. Settle, Virginia State

Police Superintendent. “For more than 85 years, new troopers and their

families had to wait to find out where they would live and work after

graduating the Academy. In today’s society, such a delay is too much of a

burden for families having to relocate on short notice and has been a

deterrent for some even applying to us. By hiring to existing trooper

vacancies in the field, we are already seeing positive results within our

recruitment efforts to attract qualified candidates.”

The Department welcomed 80 new troopers to its ranks Feb. 15, 2019 upon

their graduation from the Academy. The Virginia State Police Academy is

preparing for 79 new trainees to arrive Wednesday as part of the 130th

Basic Session.

The Virginia State Police is actively hiring for the 131st Basic Session,

which is scheduled to begin in early 2020. Trainees are paid while

attending the State Police Academy and a year after graduation will earn

$48,719. Those assigned to Northern Virginia receive additional

compensation due to the region’s higher cost of living. To meet a recruiter

and discover what all a career with the Virginia State Police has to offer,

please go to www.vatrooper.com.