A previous version of this article ran under an incorrect headline stating that an Altavista Elementary School employee had tested positive for COVID-19. The article was a press release issued by Campbell County Public Schools, and did not state that an employee had tested positive for COVID-19. The individual who tested positive was not an employee. The headline was not properly checked before it ran, and the editor would like to apologize to Altavista Elementary School and to the Altavista Journal's readers for the error. The original press release is as follows:

On Thursday, 03 September, 2020, CCPS was made aware of a COVID-19 positive individual who had been in two classes at Altavista Elementary School.  This individual wore a protective mask   and  followed mitigation protocols.  However, due to the nature of educating very young children such as pre-K and K, physical contact with these children to assist them with the first few days of school cannot be ruled out.

In consultation with the Virginia Department of Health, and utilizing an abundance of caution, AES will be closing the two classes where this individual served.  This classroom closure will continue until 17 September.  During this classroom closure, we will enact cleaning protocols to ensure all spaces are ready for students to enter when the affected classes are reopened.  Faculty members and families of students deemed close contacts with the positive individual are being notified individually.  Affected faculty members and notified students will begin a 14 day quarantine ending 17 September.

Altavista Elementary will be open for classes on Tuesday, 8 September for all other students and faculty.