Principal Dabney Hanson says William Campbell Combined School “is not a school without the kids. They are why I love what I do, and it’s lonely without them.” She says the teachers and faculty have been keeping up with the students and their educational growth through a combination of social media, videos, e-mails, and phone calls.

Hanson said most classes were already using Google classroom, so the majority of students were already familiar with it. Teachers have also incorporated Zoom or Microsoft Teams to work directly with students. Hanson believes Microsoft Teams has been the most interactive for ongoing learning, as “students can continue to message and interact with the teacher even after the video ends.”

When asked about end of the year plans, Hanson said, “we are still in talks for graduation and end of year plans. Prom was supposed to be the 9th. The future depends on the governor, but we want to find the best way for students to be recognized while also keeping them safe.”

The school is still deciding the best way for students to be able to get their items left at school. Hanson also said there was a delay in yearbooks, as the printing company has also been complying with government guidelines, so they are understaffed and running behind.

Teachers are continuing to work from home, and some have even been posting videos to the William Campbell Combined School Facebook page. Coach Danny Broggin, one of the school’s P.E. teachers, posted a video encouraging kids to “get out, do something, do something active. Don’t just sit up in the house playing Fortnight, enjoy your family.”

Middle School history teacher Becky Bennett dressed in character and posted a video to explain “What is happening right now is tomorrow’s history.” She also encouraged the children by including a list of historical pandemics, and reminding them that a solution has been found for every previous pandemic.

Hanson says the school is featuring different members of the senior class with Senior Spotlight posts on Facebook, including the student’s picture, name, and future plans.

   William Campbell is participating in the countywide nutrition program. Students are encouraged to call or check online for specific times and locations, but Mondays and Thursdays are regular food distribution days for pickup at William Campbell.

On May 8, Campbell County Public schools released a notice stating the last day of distance learning will be May 15. Teachers will continue to work with students and provide feedback.

In the meantime, Principal Hanson says that every time the faculty and staff communicate with a student—whether by e-mail, phone, or during work packet distribution—they always try to make sure students know they are missed, and “we wish they were here and it was safe to be back.”