The sign out front of 246 The Main Cultural Arts Theatre on Main Street, Brookneal was hit by vandals on Christmas Eve night with the incident reported to owners Carl and Donnalynn Davis the following morning.

Someone took lettering for the sign and made their own vulgar message that was clearly intended for the Davis couple.

Many of their friends have been posting messages of support on Facebook following Donnalynn’s post of a photograph of the vandalism and a message of disgust to the perpetrators.

This was our Merry Christmas gift, we had to leave our home on Christmas day to change this revolting vandalism at our theatre. THANK YOU, Brookneal person/people. Some may think it funny, but that would be sad, as we have tried very hard to create a jewel in our town, and this kind of filth should disgust and anger everyone! So, although it may cost us, we will install security cameras now...and we will prosecute to THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW to anyone defacing this business. Merry Christmas indeed (illiterates can't even spell! Considered the source, SAD PEOPLE). — at 246 The Main.

On Thursday morning, Donnalynn shared with The Union Star her thoughts on who would do such an act. A friend of hers passing by that night said they saw some young men hanging around out front on a bench.

The couple are going to report the incident to Campbell County Sheriff’s Office although Donnalynn delayed reporting the crime since it was Christmas.

The vandalism has been reported on a local television news channel. Some generous people who are likewise disgusted by the vandalism have made donations towards paying for cameras to watch for any other crimes against the theatre. The business has become an important part of the community providing opportunities for local people to sing, dance and perform as well as take classes in the arts such as drama, painting, dancing, and different aspects of the theatre.

Particularly disturbing to Donnalynn is the fact that people who should have been at home with their families on Christmas Eve made the effort to deface the theatre that prides itself on being “family friendly.”