Missing teen

Two Campbell County Teens were found after being missing for over a week. In a Facebook post, the Campbell County Sheriff’s office said they “would like to thank the public as well as additional law enforcement agencies and professionals for their assistance” in locating the teens.

On Thursday—the day before the teens were found—the Sheriff’s office held a press conference about the situation. Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Stuart Herndon and the mothers of both children expressed their concerns. At the time, Investigator Herndon said they needed “just that one tip” from someone who knew where they were or had seen suspicious activity.

At the time of the press conference, the teens’ parents had not heard from them since they ran away on Tuesday, September 17. Later, the children did make contact with a friend.

The teens are 15 years old and in 10th grade at Brookville High School. They don’t drive, so they were believed to have left on foot from Jasmyn’s house on Tuesday night.

The passage of more than a week made Jasmyn and Jacob’s situation unique for Campbell County. “A case where it goes a day, that happens sometimes. But I don’t know of many that we’ve had that go over a week,” Herndon said at the press conference.

Jasymn’s mother, Julie Nowlin, shared her fear on Thursday. “At this point, I am worried about her safety and wellbeing,” Nowlin said. Asked what she would want her daughter to know, she said, “I just want her to know how much I love her. And we just want her home. Just come home. Just come home.”

Nowlin also had a request for a broader audience, “Thank you, everybody that’s helping. And keep your eyes and ears open. Just please help get my daughter home safely...” Nowlin wanted people to reach out with information—even anonymously. “If anybody knows anything...just please, please, please, please, please just call.”

Jacob’s mother, Rebecca Morris, had struggled to eat and sleep since he left. “I just want my son Jacob and Jasmyn both to come home,” she said.

Even at that point, the community had already offered some assistance. The sheriff’s office had responded to 2 reported sightings of Jacob September 20th near Timberlake Drive. Still, they weren’t able to locate him.

Herdon explained something the community could do to help locate the kids. He noted that there are a lot of houses in the Timberlake area—some vacant. “If you see something suspicious at a house like that—lights turned on or activity where it shouldn’t be—call us and we can come out and check that.”

“There are dangers that are out there,” Herdon said on Thursday. “We just want them to realize that and come home to their loved ones.”

The situation realized a positive outcome the next day when the Sheriff’s office confirmed that the teens had been found. On Facebook, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office offered “a special thanks to the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and EMS personnel for their assistance in locating the missing teens.”