A member of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Staff tested positive for COVID-19, according to a July 12 press release issued by Sheriff Winston Clark.

The office member began to feel ill on July 30, and was not present at any of the Office’s recent Hyland Heights Baptist Church gathering on July 9.

The release quoted the office’s mission of promoting public safety and transparency within the office.

“The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office is committed to reducing crime,” the release reads, “while treating members of the public with dignity and respect and maintaining the highest levels of transparency and integrity. As such, it is our duty to share the following information with the public we serve.”

It is unclear who tested positive and when exactly test results were received and conducted, but according to the release the employee had been self-quarantining until receiving the results of their test.

The staff member was in the field division. The Sheriff’s Office has said any employees who think they may have COVID-19 are subject to the following:

“Immediate relief from active duty; self-quarantine for a minimum of 48 hours to monitor symptoms; Within 48 hours if symptoms do not subside, employee must continue to self-quarantine and undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing; If test is negative, employee may return to work; in the event of a positive test result, the agency collaborates with the Virginia Department of Health, follows necessary protocol, recommendations and guidelines.”

The release also says that the Sheriff’s Office is operating under a “COVID-19 Response and Action Plan,” and closed it’s main lobby. Sheriff’s Office Staff must now be contacted by phone at 434-332-9580 or email at sheriff@campbellcountyva.gov. It also reminds readers of CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 including frequent hand washing, avoiding close contact with others, wearing a mask or face covering, covering your face during coughs or sneezes, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and monitoring yourself for symptoms.

“We are all committed to providing the most efficient, and safest service to both residents and visitors,” Sheriff Clark said in a released statement. “Cooperation and assistance in these trying times is greatly appreciated. Our Sheriff’s employees are first responders who continue to risk their own health and safety to reduce COVID-19 exposure to the public and the people in our care,” said Clark. “Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of our staff as well as everyone affected by COVID-19.”

Other steps to mitigate the risk to Sheriff’s Office employees and the public including cancelling ride-along tours and community events, suspending most fingerprint services, sanitizing police cars, wearing PPE such as masks, gloves and in some cases gowns, recommending callers meet deputies outside rather than inside their homes and encouraging those who call the police to notify dispatchers if they have COVID-19 symptoms.