Margaret Elder

One of The Union Star’s most popular columnists, Margaret Elder, who wrote Rt. 1 News for many years, passed away on Christmas Day. This is a great blow to her family and many friends and readers.

“Margaret was a valuable resource to The Union Star and could be counted on every week to provide lots of interesting tidbits about what people in the Hat Creek area were up to,” says editor Debra Ferrell. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received phone calls from readers telling me how much they enjoyed her column even if they didn’t live around here. One man regularly called from the East coast.”

Through the years she accumulated a lot of news for Union Star readers, but the days of Facebook took a toll on her information collecting. As she grew older the past few years and items got harder to round up, she eventually made the difficult decision to end her column.

“But readers didn’t forget her. I still get phone calls from people asking me why isn’t she doing the column anymore,” says Ferrell. “She will be missed. Margaret was a really sweet lady. Years ago, she would be sitting outside the office when I got there around 6:30 a.m. She wrote her column by hand so she always wanted me to read it aloud to make sure I could decipher her handwriting. Later on as her health declined, she began calling it in to me over the telephone.”