Fundraiser at Golden Skillet in Brookneal

Childrey Baptist Church is sponsoring a mission project for Ben and Talley Updike in Uganda, Africa. The couple along with their two children, Aubrey and Gabe, left the United States last December and will return to visit for a month and speak at Childrey Baptist Church on December 8, 11 a.m.

Childrey BC Rev. Jerry Stanfield says, “They’re doing well and are adjusting…it’s very hot and you have the difference in culture.”

Ben and Tally are houseparents for a group of 18 boys and are working with the Amazima School.

The church at Childrey supports the Updikes in many ways. Right now there is a new fundraiser going on at Golden Skillet in Brookneal.

“Potholder Looms and Loops” will be underway until December 1.

Citizens are urged to drop off looms or loops (available at Walmart or Hobby Lobby). These raw materials will be taken back to Uganda for the boys to learn to make potholders as a fundraiser for school supplies. Donations are also accepted in place of supplies which will be purchased by the church.

Stop by Golden Skillet to see a lovely display area when you come in the door. There are bulletin boards of photos of the family at work in Uganda, and examples of the loops and looms.

Contact Rev. Stanfield at 434-572-7031 for questions or to make donations to this innovative fundraiser that he thought of himself!