Six hundred seventy-seven days have passed.since two hunters found Emma Compton Layne’s body in a shallow grave near Sandy Ridge Road. Emma may be gone but her sisters and the community have not forgotten her. Sisters Shawna Krohn and Wynona Childress remember. And they want someone else to remember, too.

Krohn arranged for Emma’s face to appear on a billboard south of Brookneal on Route 501. Also on the billboard is the $10,000 reward the sisters are offering for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in Emma’s murder case.

Krohn said she wanted to put Emma there, “so that her murderer and the ones that helped have to see her.” Krohn is hoping and praying that the billboard will weigh on someone’s conscience. “It would take somebody that knows exactly what happened, and it would get to them so bad that they’ll come forward.”

Still, Krohn doesn’t want the phone at the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office tied up with baseless calls which is why the billboard specifies the reward is “for info leading to arrest & conviction.”

“If you have knowledge of who murdered Emma, please come forward. Don’t hold on to it. Please come forward,” Krohn said.

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