Pretty Boy Brandon Idle

Successful marketing is a crucial part of any wrestling promotion or wrestler himself. Knowing your weaknesses and strong points and playing up to them can make or break you. Brandon Ashworth, age 27, from Scott Depot WVA, is a good example of someone young who clearly realizes the importance of using good business sense in his life to combine with his great passion…pro wrestling.

In the wrestling ring, he is known as “Pretty Boy” Brandon Idle and he is the promoter of Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling (XMCW) which runs shows in the West Virginia area. Idle has a great sense of what makes an entertaining show with many of the old school elements combining with modern techniques.“I started training at age 17 and was trained by Allen Lynch and Shane Storm,” he said recently. “I have gone by many names in the ring and worked for many promotions.”

Idle classifies himself as a master of all styles and able to work with any of them…brawler, technical, submission, and hardcore. He is having a good run right now as part of the tag team, “Pretty Wild” with “Wild” Billy West. 

“I’m also part of a group called “Pretty, Cute, and Sexy” with my partners G Cute and “Sexy” Sean Casey,” he explains.

One of his own trademarks is pressing his finger into an impressive dimple on his cheek. His current finishing move is “The Pretty Hold.”

Getting to work with some of the big names in pro wrestling is exciting for anyone and Idle is no exception. Brandon Idle has wrestled ECW Original "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, NWA Legend "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, former WWE Star The Patriot Tom Brandi, former WCW Star Papa Stro, WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton of The Rock N Roll Express and has tagged with Jessie Belle Smothers, the daughter of ECW Original Tracy Smothers. 

He is also an actor and will be featured in the upcoming movie “The Mountaineer.”

In XMCW, he has been in a year-long feud with Dain Bramage. 

Idle works tirelessly to travel the circuit putting up posters of his upcoming shows and making promotional appearances. He uses Facebook to his full advantage and constantly posts flyers of his shows as well as promotional material about his other stars. He also makes live videos galore on Facebook showcasing his pretty boy good looks. One of the old school techniques of independent wrestling comes from taking advantage of the holidays to incorporate into the show. It used to be expected to have holiday themed shows with Santa Claus getting power bombed through a table, for example.

One of XMCW’s exciting shows on the horizon is the “Halloween Bash” which is a youtube taping. It will be held on Thursday, Oct. 17, at Cross Lanes West Virginia at the Buffalo Wild Wings building at 70 Nitro Market Place 25313. This is a free admission event with a bell time of 7 p.m.

There is limited seating so bring your own chair. Featured in this live professional wrestling event will be a ladder match in the XMCW main event. Pretty Wild will battle Dain Bramage and Russell “The Muscle” in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match with Dain’s mask on the line. Tommy Gibson and the Super Bee will go up against the Cuban Dynasty. Also appearing will be Joshua Charles, Richie Rich, Daisy Mae, Bruce Grey, Crazy J, Nomad,“The Outlaw” Jeff James. WCCW’s The Blue Angel of Devastation Ink, Respect Champion, Marshall Law and more will be featured.

Find XMCW on Facebook and Twitter. Some matches are also available