WCHS Salutatorian not afraid of hard work

Madison Roakes does not believe in luck.

The Class of 2022 salutatorian at William Campbell High School has worked hard for all the success she has gotten during her time in school. Roakes has excelled in everything from marching band to tennis.

She has worked hard in all areas because she said, “I personally don’t believe in luck; rather that hard work and perseverance is what determines your success.” There were times she wanted to give up, but she kept pushing through to achieve her goals and move toward the future she desired.

Part of Roakes’ future is going to James Madison University. She plans on majoring in psychology and possibly pursuing graduate degrees such as a master’s or even a doctoral degree. She's always enjoyed exploring the human mind, so this is an exciting prospective career path for her. In this way, she will be able to go deeper in her knowledge and understanding.

Another exciting prospect is her joining the Marching Royal Dukes, which is a fun bonus to attending a college such as James Madison University.

As a first generation college student, Roakes is exploring new territory. “I really hope to make my family proud to prove you can come from a low-income background and still make a good future for yourself.” Roakes shared that her background and her incredible support system taught her perseverance and the value of hard work. 

 “My mom was absolutely my biggest fan throughout my academic career.” Roakes explained how her mother’s constant support helped her to be who she is today.

She also got support from the community at William Campbell. “I definitely wouldn’t  have made it through high school without those connections. And while our school may be small, I cherish that I can walk through the hallways and recognize every face I see.”

There is so much that she loved about her school during her time at William Campbell. The only thing Roakes would have changed is to be more confident of what was ahead of her. “I wish I could tell the younger me that she’s worth so much more than she believes, and that the future has so much in store for her.”

Roakes looks forward to continuing to work hard at James Madison, and she looks forward to what she will learn there. Because one of her biggest lessons as a salutatorian is that it is perseverance and not luck that makes the difference.