new Charlotte County state forest

The creation of the new state forest was announced on December 3.

A new state forest was recently announced in Charlotte County, creating over 2,000 acres of publicly accessible land.

The 2,531-acre parcel of land is Charlotte County’s first and only state forest, according to a statement released by the Virginia Department of Forestry and The Conservation Fund, a national land conservancy. Previously owned by Former Virginia Governor Thomas Bahnson Stanley, it was purchased by The Conservation Fund in 2019.

“This property has a rich legacy of forest and wildlife stewardship,” said Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Bettina Ring. “The shared vision and dedication among all partners will honor that history while safeguarding water quality along the Roanoke Creek for future generations.”

The new state forest is located along Saxkey Road Northeast of Randolph and Mossingford, and includes valuable habitat for waterfowl and federally-threatened long-eared bats. It has been sustainably harvested for timber throughout the last century, according to the Conservation Fund, and will continue to be used for its lumber while also providing new areas for hunting, fishing and bird watching.