Altavista’s varsity volleyball team lost in three sets to Brookville Monday night.

Altavista’s coach, Debra Spencer, said the Colonels needed to find a way to make plays in close, end-of-game situations. Altavista was up late in the first set, 24-21, but Brookville mounted a come back. The second game also ended in a narrow Brookville victory. The third set started close, but Brookville pulled away late. The scores were 24-26, 21-25 and 13-25. Spencer said both teams made their fair share of mistakes.

“We’ve got to be able to make that one play that swings the momentum back to our end, or make that one play that wins the game for us,” Spencer said.

Spencer said she wants the team to focus on getting better everyday in practice, which will carry over into games. She also said she wants the team to be competitive and play consistently.

“I’d like to see us win more games,” Spencer said. “that’s just the bottom line. That’s what we’re playing for. And I just think that just comes down to being a little more competitive, and, like I said, making that one play.”

Campbell Hall finished with 6 kills, Haley Roark had 4, Micaela Worley had 5 digs and Macy Shelton had 14 assists.

“We’re going to play every game like it matters, like it’s the most important game of the season for us,” Spencer said.

The JV team beat Brookville in three sets 21-25, 25-18 and 16-14.

“It was kind of reversed roles where the JV team fought off game point and then made the big play, got the ball back and then finished out the game,” Spencer said.