RUSTBURG, VA - In partnership with the James River Art Council and the Campbell County Public Library System, Campbell County is displaying several selected pieces of work from local artist, Deon Calloway.  

Calloway, a former Altavista High School student, is autistic and uses art as a means to express himself.  

"When I was little, I did not talk, but I had dreams to become an artist since I was 5 years old," Calloway said. "In elementary school, I would draw logos and characters from my favorite movies and TV stations."

Calloway was encouraged to continue learning about art, and took art classes in high school to further hone his abilities. In doing so,  a world of opportunity opened for him, which he said has allowed his art to be featured all over the state - on television, in newspapers and magazines. He has also sold his work at various  festivals.


He credits his teachers and mentors for helping him gain essential life skills through the production of his craft.

"By making and selling my art, I have learned to use the post office, my bank account, and socialize with my fans. Sometimes I need help talking to my fans to make sure I get their orders right," Deon said. "My art talent is unique, and I think my success can give other people with autism hope that they can do things too."

The art installation was placed in the Haberer Building Boardroom in Rustburg at 47 Courthouse Lane, and will remain on display until July 31, 2021.