Nordquist swam at Randolph-Macon College for four years.

Altavista High School has hired a familiar face as its new swim coach.

Liz Nordquist, the Altavista Area YMCA’s aquatics director, will be coaching Altavista High School’s swim team this year. Nordquist has helped previous coach Kim Schultz with the program in the past.

“There’s a lot of participation, there’s a lot of enthusiasm and there’s a lot of camaraderie involved in what they do,” McPherson said about the swim team. “I want that to continue, and then I want it to also continue on the competitive side and compete for championships.”

McPherson said he thinks it will be helpful to have someone with a background in swimming, who already happens to work where the swim team practices, as coach.

“We’re excited to have her,” he said.

Nordquist has coached swim teams in Ashland and Gastonia, North Carolina. She also swam for four years at Randolph-Macon College.

“I’ve been teaching upper level swim lessons, which is pretty much the technique for butterfly, breast stroke and speed and things like that since I’ve been about 15,” Nordquist said.

When asked about her goals for the upcoming season, Nordquist said she wants to build camaraderie on the team, which she said is especially important after a socially-distanced year.

“If you’re not swimming, then you’re cheering somebody on,” she said. “I don’t care if they’re your best friend or not. I want you out there and I want you cheering somebody on.”

Nordquist, who also played basketball and soccer, ran track and cross-country and threw shot put and discus in the past, said the team component of swimming was always very important to her.

“Of all of those sports, none of them, for me, was more of a team than swimming,” she said.

Though the start of the season is months away, Nordquist seemed excited this week to start working with Altavista’s swimmers when the start of the season finally does arrive.

“I love coaching, I love being able to see the kids improve and feel good about themselves and make that next step up and work hard for it,” she said.