Poindexter has served previously as mayor and as a town council member.

Gary Poindexter, who has served as both mayor and a town council member in the town of Hurt in the past, and a news correspondent for the Altavista Journal during the last several months, was appointed to Hurt’s town council during a meeting last week.

Via a recent email, Poindexter said he decided to apply to be on council again shortly after Steve Watson resigned. When asked about his priorities as a newly-appointed council member, Poindexter said he wants to continue to push for the following:

“…continued economic development, aesthetics, communications, financial strength, and the like.”

Poindexter said the town should focus on reducing delinquent debts, update contact information in the town's database and acquire a Code Red automated alert system. He also complimented the work of town staff members.

Poindexter said he plans to run for reelection this November. If he wins his seat this Fall, he anticipates he will likely focus on the budgeting process next year, maximizing the potential of federal grant funds and becoming more involved with the Staunton River Regional Industrial Facilities Authority (SRRIFA).

Though Poindexter was forced to resign from his post as mayor in 2020 citing time constraints, he said he has felt like a ‘fish-out-of-water’ since leaving, and is confident that time constraints will not be an issue this time around, as the time commitment needed to serve as mayor is significantly greater than that required of council members. 

He also commended current mayor Gary Hodnett’s efforts, saying he effectively functions as both mayor and town manager.

“I owe it to the people of Hurt to restart and continue more good work for our community,” Poindexter said.