State Police responded to this disabled truck on I-95 in Hanover County. No one was injured in the incident.

Virginia State Police (VSP) have assisted 225 stuck or disabled vehicles and responded to 358 crashes on Virginia highways so far today.

According to a VSP statement issued at about 2 p.m., most incidents have not resulted in any injuries. VSP, along with various other state and local public safety agencies, are asking drivers to stay home if at all possible.

Snow and ice covers significant portions of the roadway on many primary and secondary roads in the Lynchburg District, which includes Campbell County, according to a VDOT statement released today.

Conditions are better on roads in Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties, but roads in those areas may still have icy spots.

VDOT is anticipating the need to clean up significant amounts of debris in the wake of recent ice storms.