A Brookneal woman reported she was recently scammed by someone claiming to be a representative of DirecTV. She wished to remain anonymous due to the nature of her experience.

She said she recently received a phone call from a DirecTV impersonator and was told her bill would be lowered by $20 per month if she purchased an accessory for her television set. She was told to send a check for $199 to an address in New York. She said she wrote a check and mailed it to the address before becoming suspicious soon afterwards.

She said she called DirecTV and was told she had been scammed, and that she would not have been asked for money over the phone in such a manner by a legitimate DirecTV representative. She said she was able to call the post office in time to have the check returned to her before it was sent.

She said a friend of hers was not so lucky, and sent a check to a New York address after receiving a similar phone call.