Patrick Henry Family Services

From left to right:

Bruce Olsen, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds at Patrick Henry’s Red Hill

Jeff Nitz, COO, Patrick Henry Family Services

Robert Day, CEO, Patrick Henry Family Services

Hope Marstin, CEO, Patrick Henry’s Red Hill

Jack Schaffer, President of the Patrick Henry Descendants’ Branch. Patrick

Henry’s Red Hill

Elsie Rose, Board of Directors, Patrick Henry’s Red Hill

Gene Smith, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Patrick Henry’s Red Hill

On Monday morning, October 14, Patrick Henry Family Services officially returned the land that was given to them in 1968 by the Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation. The land coming back to the Foundation was originally part of Patrick Henry’s estate. The Foundation gave Patrick Henry Family Services the land to support the creation of Patrick Henry’s Boys Home as a home for orphaned boys. The Foundation, now known as Patrick Henry’s Red Hill, is excited to have part of Henry’s original estate back and is looking forward to continuing its efforts to preserve the legacy of Patrick Henry and Henry’s “garden spot of the world.”