Do you want a newspaper?

Do you want a newspaper?

Two years ago the publisher of the Union Star ran a front-page editorial asking for the community’s help and involvement to keep a community newspaper in the town of Brookneal and surrounding counties. We asked for community involvement, feedback and support.

Two years later, we are at a crossroads and we need your help to make our next decision. Community newspapers are at the fabric of what ties our neighborhoods together by informing, educating and entertaining for well over 100 years in Brookneal. The publisher has made investments in 2020 to improve news coverage and rededicate to our mission. Now, it’s up to the readers and the community.

We feel a responsibility to keep the dream alive in Brookneal, but apathy from advertisers and segments of the public have left us with a decision. Is it the end of the line for your community newspaper in Brookneal?

Once a newspaper like the Union Star closes it’s doors, there won’t be another taking its place. We have operated in good times and bad and at times at a deficit to serve the Brookneal community. We now ask for your feedback to determine our next moves.

If the readership and community wants the Union Star to survive, it’s time to support us. We have been here for well over 100 years and we would like to be here for 100 more. But it’s not up to us, it’s up to you the readers, the community leaders, the business owners.

As we make plans to improve and grow, we are asking the community to let us know over the coming weeks if they want a newspaper in Brookneal. We hope to see gift subscriptions being purchased, ads being ordered, copy submissions to increase. We will be making future plans in part based on this activity.

We also would like to hear from you directly, please reach out to us at and let us know how you feel. All opinions and views are welcome.

We are at a fork in the road, let’s work together to see what direction we take and move forward.