New budget proposed for Campbell County

A new budget for the county has been proposed to the Campbell County Board of Supervisors for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year. The budget was composed by a committee with the help and input of Commissioner of the Revenue, Calvin Massie.

Local revenues are projected to increase by 4.7% according to the document, which adds up to a growth of $3,870,934. Over $1 million of this increase will come from a projected increase in sales tax throughout the county.

According to the document there will be an increase in revenue gained from EMS services, Personal Property Tax, and Meal Tax. The Meal Tax increase of $200,000 will be “transferred to the Debt Service Fund,” which will be used to support School facility needs and the new Public Safety Radio System.

The adopted budget for Campbell County Schools is $95.5 million for the Fiscal Year, as opposed to last year’s budget of $92 million.

The largest expenditure for the Budget this year is the Non-Departmental Expenses, which take up 26.6% of the proposed budget. These expenses include needs for the county – such as postage, Motor Vehicle Insurance, gas, and advertising – which aren’t designated for one specific county department. For more information, the 2022-20223 Fiscal Year Budget for Campbell County can be found on the Campbell County Virginia Website.