Centra announces new visitation policy

Citing rising numbers of covid cases, hospitalizations, and positive test results in Centra’s service area and across the Commonwealth, the hospital system has announced a new visitation policy, which goes into effect on Thurs., Jan. 6.

“All Centra Hospitals will limit visitors in inpatient spaces to ONE visitor at a time per adult patients. To further clarify, this one visitor may interchange during the patient’s hospital stay. Please note: professional doulas are recognized members of the care team and are not included in the visitor count, as are clergy members,” announced Centra Communications and Public Relations Manager Stephanie McBride.

Explaining the need for the change, she stated, “We understand the importance visitation has on both our patients and their families; however, the safety of our patients and Caregivers remain our top priority. After significant consideration, Centra will be amending our current visitation restrictions.”

Other changes to the visitation policy are as follows.

• “Visitors must be 16 years of age and older.

• “Visitation time will shift to 2pm-7pm for ALL Centra Hospitals.

“Please note: Under special circumstances and for the unique needs of our patients and Caregivers, this guidance may need to be adjusted at Centra’s discretion. We encourage visitors to check the Centra website for current visitation guidelines before arriving at the hospital,” McBride clarified.

Restrictions on the one visitor include:

• They must be free of COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath)

• They must undergo screening at each instance of entering the hospital

• Masks are mandatory in Centra buildings

• Compliance with CDC guidelines is required

McBride added, “We will continue to monitor this policy and will adapt as needed if the safety of our Caregivers and patients requires it. Thank you for your help to share these changes, as well as following the many efforts we are taking to keep our communities safe and healthy.”