Board of Supervisors sets new property tax exemption rate for disabled vets

The Campbell County Board of Supervisors has recommended making certain disabled veterans’ personal property tax exempt. Calvin Massie, commissioner of the Revenue, gave an impassioned summary of the need to help disabled veterans by setting a tax rate low enough to produce a $0 tax levy. The Supervisors heard this matter in their June meeting on June 2.

To be able to do this, there needs to be a separate class of personal property to separate it from other exemptions. The estimated cost based on the number of current disabled veterans that qualify for the real estate exemption program should be around $26,000. The qualifications for the personal property exemption are more lenient than those for the real estate exemption, and may include the real estate exemptions, or loss of limb or blindness. There will be a public hearing to set the new tax rate, and this new rate should be in effect by Fiscal Year 2020 at the latest.

Kristin Wright, Staff Attorney, then gave the semi-annual Code of Campbell County update. Many of these codes are being changed or updated so that the county code aligns with the state code. Significant changes to the Spring Code update included changing penalties for animal-related offenses to match the state code, and new state codes for disabled veterans and their spouses. The code concerning disabled veterans and the elderly included two options for tax relief, and as the plans were very similar, the board voted for the more generous plan. A public hearing will be held to advertise the specific code changes.

The next order of business was a motion to give Sonny Merryman an incentive of 10% of their capital investment—not to exceed $25,000—on an upcoming project. Sonny Merryman has started selling electric buses, and this will require building charging stations. Due to the firm’s longevity in the community and the number of jobs they provide, the board approved this motion, along with agreeing to sign whatever paperwork needed by the city for permits to make it happen. It was noted Sonny Merryman has never received any type of incentive previously.

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