In slang, this phrase is used to convey the speaker’s frustration or annoyance with someone else.  The term has been used repeatedly by former Vice President Joe Biden.  He uses it with the rare reporter or voter that is able to catch him away from his handlers.  Biden frequently uses the te…

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The WuFlu has been a godsend for the left. And I’m not talking about the startling discovery that 95 percent of the U.S. is willing to be confined to quarters solely on the basis of a computer model whose numbers are undergoing constant revision to repair past mistakes.

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A lesson on America’s shutdown from a forest ranger 

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From time to time in the life of every town there are some challenging questions that do not necessarily have cut-and-dried answers.  Hurt is facing a couple of those, one of which appears likely to be dealt with over the next week while the other looks to take at least a few months. 

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Two years ago the publisher of the Union Star ran a front-page editorial asking for the community’s help and involvement to keep a community newspaper in the town of Brookneal and surrounding counties. We asked for community involvement, feedback and support.