Rep. Bob Good of the fifth congressional district is no good for his constituents, the district, or the country.

He has demonstrated a total lack of understanding of what it means to govern. He has gone to Washington to advance his own narrow-minded personal agenda and to place the interests of the Republican Party over those of the country. He has a proud record of voting no time and time again against the great majority of substantive legislation proposed by Democrats. While doing so, he has chosen to associate with a group of wacko Know Nothing Republican members of Congress, such as Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s unfortunate that he has joined a club where facts and science are rejected and using one’s brain is discouraged.

Does Mr. Good represent anybody? He clearly does not represent individuals and families who needed government relief to put food on their tables, cover mortgage or rent payments, or pay for healthcare during the pandemic. He does not represent small business owners and farmers who needed government relief to pay their employees and keep their businesses running. He does not represent public safety officers as he supported insurrectionists in their assault on the Capitol and refused to acknowledge the work of the Capitol Police during the January 6 insurrection. Perhaps most importantly, Good is not a law and order representative as he voted to overturn legitimate election results and thereby steal the election for the most dishonest and incompetent president in our lifetimes.

With a record of stupid actions that greatly embarrass the district’s constituents and do nothing to make the country a better place in which to live, Mr. Good does not deserve the support of voters who value intelligence, knowledge, the truth, facts, honesty, and competence . Let’s hope that in November of 2022, voters will realize that Bob Good is NO GOOD.