Death by Garter Snake

George Caylor is a 76 year-old financial planner and wealth manager in Lynchburg, VA. His one-minute “Tea Time” daily radio spots are aired nationwide on radio and can be heard at

A lesson on America’s shutdown from a forest ranger 

President Trump warned America that “the cure may be worse than the virus.” Businesses across America have been ordered to shut their doors. Gov. Northam warned Virginians to stay inside their homes. Unemployment claims went from the lowest in history to the highest in history, and the best economy ever has been stopped in its tracks. Two trillion dollars has been digitally printed to partially replace Americans’ incomes and save America’s businesses.

Last week my employees and partners at The Caylor Group prayed for our clients, our nation, and for the world. Then we left our building, set the alarm, and locked our door. We’ll do the best we can for our clients from our homes. In my 47 years in business, I had never closed my office doors.

Mr. Trump’s warning hit me hard, and took me back to 1966 when I was in training for the Forestry. We were issued .357 Magnum revolvers, and the first two rounds were “snake shot.” Snake shot cartridges are miniature shotgun shells to protect us from timber rattlers. And they work! I killed several rattlers – one that was attached to my boot. (I nearly shot my foot in the process!)

We learned something about snake bites I could not have believed. A snake bite from a non-poisonous snake is often fatal. The victim sees the snake, feels the bite, and dies of a heart attack. Or takes a razor and slashes where the snake bit, only to die of infection or loss of blood.

Has America been bitten by something that would not have killed us, but taken actions that will?