Steven Shockley

Steven W. Shockley, 56, has announced that he will run for Sunburst District Supervisor for Campbell County in the November election. Supervisor Bob Good, who currently holds the seat, has opted not to run for re-election due to other time commitments.

Shockley is President of Industrial Plating Corporation in Lynchburg. He and his wife, Schre, have been married for 30 years and have two grown sons.

He currently represents the Sunburst District on the Campbell County Industrial Development Authority. He was on the advisory board for the Campbell County planning commission and the planning commission itself for one term around 12 years ago. He is not related to Steven Shockley who was the Sunburst District supervisor before Good.

“Bob Good is a neighbor of mine and asked me to serve on the IDA,” he says.

Supervisor Good is known to not being hesitant to speak his mind on subjects he feels strongly about. “Once I am familiar with the subject and know what I’m talking about, I won’t have any problem speaking up if I’m elected as Supervisor,” says Shockley.

Since deciding to run for office, he has made an effort to attend supervisors and school board meetings to get familiar with the issues being discussed right now.

He is running as an independent to better represent the community.

When asked what he considers a priority going forward, Shockley explains that he knows the board makes decisions based on fiscal data. “I think the biggest task at hand for me is to get familiar with the last five years of budgets so I can compare them and see how the numbers have changed. It all comes down to numbers and how to best distribute funds. I’m going in without an agenda of my own. I want to see how the revenue is distributed. We have more revenue coming in through the meals tax. I don’t want to put any more of a financial burden on citizens if we can help it.”

Shockley has lived in Campbell County for most of his life and has raised his family here.

He was once given the opportunity to run of the seat held now by Matt Fariss, who was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2011. The 59th district is made up of Appomattox County and Buckingham counties, and parts of Albemarle, Campbell, and Nelson counties between Charlottesville and Lynchburg.

“I chose not to run because at the time I was very busy coaching and did not want to be away from my family for weeks at a time. It was hard to turn down the opportunity because it is a prestigious seat that is an important part of Virginia history,” he says.

He also chose not to run against Supervisor Good in the last election because he thought Good would be a good person for the board.

Shockley believes in volunteering and has helped coach baseball and served on the board of directors for Timberlake Dixie Youth. Coaching basketball for seven years with the Timbrook Youth Basketball League and six years with the boys and girls indoor/outdoor track and field programs at Brookville High School are something he’s proud to have participated in to make a difference in the lives of his sons and their fellow students.

He stresses that local level politics and party interests should not be part of decision making that needs to be decided on based on what’s best for the community and sound fiscal data.

Since his father is a retired police officer from the City of Lynchburg, public safety is a top priority for him. “Law enforcement and emergency medical services are crucial to the county,” he says.

As of last week, Shockley is the only candidate to file the qualifying paperwork for the Sunburst seat.

Altavista District, Spring Hill District and Concord District are also up for election this fall. Altavista Supervisor Dale Moore and Eddie Gunter, Chairman of the Board and Concord District Supervisor, are running for re-election. Supervisors Jim Borland and Bob Good will not run again.

John Tucker has filed to run for the Altavista seat and Matt Cline will run against Gunter for the Concord seat.

The deadline to file is June 11.