Campbell County

RUSTBURG, VA - The Campbell County Department of Parks and Recreation is pleased to offer the following program opportunity for those interested in playing league softball.


March 26, 2021


$385.00 per team
($110.00 refundable forfeit fee; includes softballs)


Men's Church League
Monday, April 12, 2021
(plays on Mondays)

Men's Independent League
Tuesday, April 15, 2021
(plays on Tuesdays)

Co-Ed church League
Friday, April 16, 2021
(plays on Fridays)
*Please note: Any game make-up days will be scheduled for Tuesdays. Men's Church and Independent Leagues may be combined and play on Monday and Thursday.*
League Adult Application must accompany league fees. Completed rosters must be submitted prior to the first game, and at least one half of the team members must live or work in Campbell County in order to qualify.

Please contact Randy Nixon, Athletics Program Manager, with questions or to request a Team Registration Packet.